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We offer full board purchases as well as full cut to size service as per your chosen materials. On full board purchases, we try to handle the goods in the most careful manner to ensure that the boards are delivered to you with the highest possible quality, however we cannot guarantee that the edges of the boards will not be chipped. Due to handling and packaging surface by the edges may have minor damages. For this specific reason we have to trim our boards at least by 10mm all around to ensure board edges are clean and tidy. Cutting Limitations: We can not cut parts smaller than 50 mm Wide, Length – no limit.


Spray painting is commonly known as Factory applied finish or Lacquering. Spray paint is applied to material using high pressure air, mixed with paint particles, allowing to achieve consistent and smooth finish throughout the material. The difference between traditional brush painting and spray finishing – No BRUSH Marks. Spray paints are more durable and provides even coating on any surface whether it is flat board or moulded panel, all surfaces will receive even amount of paint layer. We spray all types of materials, but have limited spraying options depending on material type. You can choose the type of finish you require including any colour from all major paint manufacturers or you can provide us with your own sample which we will match. Touch up paint supplied with every spray job. Pricing: If your part is less than 0.25 m2 we will calculate it as being 0.25 m2 as a minimum spray finishing area.

Spray Types


Exterior Primer is use for materials to be exposed to Exterior conditions or in high moisture concentration areas. We use Exterior Micro Porous Primer which is water based material designed to allow material to breath but does not allow the moisture to penetrate the material.


Interior primer is designed for dry interior conditions. We use PU (Polyurethane) high build up primer which is ideal for MDF and all other materials. Once edges are sealed with this primer, wood fibres are sealed and further coats of paint do not get soaked. Single Coat of paint will be enough for final coating.


Shine Levels are normally measured by percentage using spray paints. We use Polyurethane paints for finishes from 10% up to 50% Sheen. Polyester coatings used for High gloss finishes. We can mix any colour by A Code of any Paint Manufacturer or we can match your samples.


This type of paint can be used on MDF Tricoya or any kind of wood based joinery. We can match any colour from any Paint Manufacturer by a code or by scanning the colour. In order to scan the colour we need clean sample for accurate scan. Max Sheen Levels on Micro Porous Paint is 60%. If Gloss finish is required alternative paint types will be used.


Clear lacquer is used when natural material is required to be seen with protective coating from environmental conditions and to enhance beauty of natural wood fibres. We use Clear Lacquer for sealing MDF, Birch Plywood, Valchromat and many more types of material. Finishes available from dead matt to high gloss finish.


Stain is normally used to enhance wood grains, change the colour of the wood while showing its natural beauty. Options of stains are endless. We offer only a few or we can offer matching service by request.


Edge banding for panel products and doors adds not only a functional aspect to the door in terms of durability and protection from moisture and surface chipping, but also provides a beneficial aesthetic quality which can often be used to compliment the design of any kitchen or bedroom furniture piece. Limitations The machine is limited to what board size can be processed. If the board requires to be edge banded to all 4 edges with corner rounding, minimum part size is 50 x 150mm. 50mm wide material is required in order for the machine to be able to hold the part while it is going through edging process. Specials If you require parts that are smaller than our minimum or you are doing various design shapes we have in house manual edge banding facility where we can accommodate your requirements. For special requirement Contact Us via email or give us a call and we will let you know if we can accommodate your needs.
Application methods


Edging types

MDF Melamine Tape

ABS Edging Standard & Airtech

Solid Wood Lipping



HPL is produced by saturating multiple layers of kraft paper with phenolic resin. A layer of printed décor paper is placed on top of the kraft paper before pressing. The resulting sandwich is fused together under heat and pressure . Because phenolic and melamine resins are thermoset plastics, the curing process transforms the resin into plastic by a cross linking process that converts the paper sheets into a single, rigid laminated sheet. High pressure Laminates are considered to be the most durable decorative surface materials and are available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistant. Laminated surfaces are used very widely in furniture industry, commercial sector and cubicle systems. Laminates allow freedom to be used on majority types of boards and various choice of thicknesses. We supply laminates form all major manufacturers such as Formica, Polyrey, Egger, KronoSpan, Rehau and many more.

Pressing Options

Exposed core material: Laminate 0.8mm thick shows black lines. In some cases MDF as core material is being clear lacquer coated on the edges and creates part of design feature.

Birch ply is being laminated for the purpose of seeing exposed multi-layer plywood edge. Edges can be rounded and clear lacquer finished. Very popular feature in many design projects.

ABS Edging: MDF or Chipboard as core material exposed edges are being finished using Matching ABS Edging. This is the most common method for laminated boards.

Exposed Wooden Edge: This is being achieved by cutting all parts either Chipboard or MDF as core material and edge banding using solid wood. In this case Laminates are applied to individual parts. Clear lacquer can be applied to seal exposed wood edges.

Laminated Edges: Laminate pressed to MDF or Chipboard Core material and cut parts to size. Strips cut from same the laminate material and applied to all exposed edges. This option is most popular in commercial sector where hard wearing and durable surfaces are required.

Solid Wood Edging: Core material MDF or Chipboard. Parts are cut and solid lipping is applied to all required edges. Clear lacquer can be applied to seal the wood. This option is popular commercial sector as well as domestic as kitchen worktops. Very durable surface with decorative wood edges.


Our wide choice of made to measure cabinet, wardrobe and cupboard carcasses enables you to create a fully fitted look, whether in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or office. Alternatively, you can easily expand your current units with matching, made to measure cupboards or you can just replace one of your existing cabinets that may have been damaged. This could be particularly useful if you need to replace a damaged one or for example you require one with a low back so it can slide under your worktop without having to remove or disturb the sink. If you require made to measure carcasses then please contact us to discuss your requirements. There is no additional cost for this service. Cutting Limitations: We can not cut parts smaller than 50 mm Wide, Length – no limit.


Our beautiful fitted furniture is tailored to you and your home, so you can turn the smallest space into a luxurious, wall-to-wall design. With smart storage options and clever design tricks, we'll help you make the most of high, or angled ceilings, and create a stunning floor-to-ceiling look that unlocks the smallest room.

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