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No two clients have the same needs and every space requires practical and sympathetic design. Let us help design an office that is suited to your business needs. Whether you work from home, or just use the office occasionally, we can design and build bespoke office furniture to work for you.

Bespoke Storage Units

Your office doesn’t have to be a dark den to squirrel yourself away in while you work — make it look and feel like a place you want to spend time in. Treat it as you would any other room of the house. Invest in the best quality furniture your budget will allow, have a strong design scheme that reflects your tastes and adorn it with items that mean something to you. This is all the more important if you have visits to your office from clients, so that your give a professional first impression.

Bookcases and Shelving

Never underestimate the power of a home office shelving unit. Declutter, rearrange and store all matter of necessary business items. Running your own business is stressful, but you can regain some control just by making sure everything is organised – remember, tidy room, tidy mind. Investing in a home office shelving unit is a sure-fire way to declutter surfaces and make head or tail of the piles of various business-related paraphernalia that may or may not be building around your desk.

Compact Home Office

Use compact, flexible elements to convert your space with a drop-down desk that needs no leg room and minimal wall space. Pair with an adjustable chair and modular, freestanding storage — these stacking cubes can be flipped to form mini tables.
What do you want your office to be? Bespoke Built-in Furniture Ltd designers will work with you to create a custom home-working environment to suit you and your home office needs. As all of our furniture is bespoke, we can create perfect storage solutions that work for you. Need filing systems, extra drawers or compartments for pens, mice, keyboards… we can do it. Even if you want to hide away servers, cables or anything else – we can design it with you in mind. It’s not just in-built desks. We can create meeting tables, bespoke chairs, filing cabinets, storage stations and more. Tight space? Not a problem. We make everything in our workshop and can build items to be constructed in-situ… ideal for awkward spaces. We’re here to create the best solutions for your space and go above and beyond to please. We’ve got a wide range of quality materials to choose from. Simply tell us what you need and our creative team will make your vision a reality.
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Our beautiful fitted furniture is tailored to you and your home, so you can turn the smallest space into a luxurious, wall-to-wall design. With smart storage options and clever design tricks, we'll help you make the most of high, or angled ceilings, and create a stunning floor-to-ceiling look that unlocks the smallest room.

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We offer Cutting and Edging services. Huge material selection with prices and available sizes. Vast database of edge banding materials with flexibility of selections. Spray Finishing options and instant Quoting available for Clear Lacquer, Spray Primers and Colour Spray finishing options.

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