Living in the kitchen

The kitchen is the room of rooms. Here we probably spend more time and live more intensely than anywhere else in the home. No matter what your style is: we’ll design it exactly to your requirements.

Modern Kitchens

Welcome to the here and now. Tidy, clearly structured, up to date: your kitchen is a true reflection of your lifestyle. Individually styled down to every last detail, it impresses with an attractive interplay of material and colour – and a contemporary, high level of functionality.

Country kitchens

The trend toward a new naturalness is popular with young and old alike. Clear shapes, soft lines and natural décors and colours are characteristic of the modern cottage style. An abundance of alluring details lend this kitchen an authentic appearance with a feel-good factor. Thanks to innovative kitchen technology, this results in a successful union of traditional and modern style.

Natural living

Clean lines, exquisite materials and clearly structured architecture – this is what distinguishes our designer kitchens. The smooth, uncomplicated finishes make quite the impression, even in open-concept kitchens – for a straightforward lifestyle with a modern flair

Modern classic

Recently, modern classic style has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the kitchen. The mix of modern and classic elements allows for colour and front combinations with a unique charm, and impresses with its timeless look. Classic kitchens combine modern straight lines with simple framework contours and state-of-the-art kitchen technology. The result: Kitchen designs with modern homeliness.
Kitchen Furniture Enhance the looks and charm of your home kitchen and make your cooking times memorable by choosing from a wide range of kitchen furniture. The range has larger units (with or without microwave compartment), kitchen stools, trays and step ladder among other kitchen usable furniture. The magnificent Kitchen dresser range consists of MDF, Painted, and Pine kitchen dressers have versatile storage capacity and beautiful designs that create a chic and fabulous looking kitchen. The Kitchen pantry units offer you attractive pantry shelving solutions and have multiple functional capabilities, clear glass displays, beautiful brass or chrome handles and humongous and spacious designs that best use your available spaces. The beautiful bar table and stool range have eloquent designs that add functionality and also provide for kitchen décor. Only quality solid materials, tempered glass, and premium metals have been used in creating the kitchen furniture items that we develop. Use of premium paints, lacquer and oil, finish further improve their looks and provide you the best blend of aesthetics and functionality, at affordable costs.
Larders Storage Units Tables Bar Table and Stools


Our beautiful fitted furniture is tailored to you and your home, so you can turn the smallest space into a luxurious, wall-to-wall design. With smart storage options and clever design tricks, we'll help you make the most of high, or angled ceilings, and create a stunning floor-to-ceiling look that unlocks the smallest room.

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We offer Cutting and Edging services. Huge material selection with prices and available sizes. Vast database of edge banding materials with flexibility of selections. Spray Finishing options and instant Quoting available for Clear Lacquer, Spray Primers and Colour Spray finishing options.

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