A hallway is the first thing anyone sees when they enter your home. And, as you already know – first impressions are everything.

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In an ideal world, every room in our home would be custom-built to meet your specific needs. Aside from the bespoke furniture we can provide for your bedroom, living room and home office, we are able to produce beautiful solutions for other spaces in your home too.

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A messy, dark, and clustered hallway will not only spoil your guests’ first impression of your home – it will also give you trouble every time you walk in or go out. The main problem with a typical hallway is that the space is limited, while the desired storage capacity is big. So, the only solution to this problem is equipping your hall with quality, compact, yet at the same time spacious hallway furniture.
Hallway Furniture Great space optimization – a lot of awkward hallways have some unutilized niches, and it possible to equip them with built-in bespoke hallway furniture, thus, optimizing every square centimeter you have. Plus, any time you order your own furniture, you get a chance to optimize the assembly to meet your storage expectations and actual hallway dimensions. A chance to choose your own unique style – another great benefit is that you can order something no one else will have. In practice, it will surely require quite a bit of imagination on your part; in theory, though, equipping your home with a one of a kind piece of furniture is quite possible. Possibility to make even the most awkward spaces work – all in all, the major advantage of bespoke hallway furniture is that it can be fit into any hall, no matter how awkward it is.
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Our beautiful fitted furniture is tailored to you and your home, so you can turn the smallest space into a luxurious, wall-to-wall design. With smart storage options and clever design tricks, we'll help you make the most of high, or angled ceilings, and create a stunning floor-to-ceiling look that unlocks the smallest room.

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We offer Cutting and Edging services. Huge material selection with prices and available sizes. Vast database of edge banding materials with flexibility of selections. Spray Finishing options and instant Quoting available for Clear Lacquer, Spray Primers and Colour Spray finishing options.

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