We know that spending more time with your kids is important to you. Save time when designing your children’s bedrooms with our designers.

Bunk Beds & Loft Beds

Bunk beds and loft beds are a terrific way to increase floor space and add extra sleeping arrangements for siblings or friends that spend the night during sleepovers. At Bespoke Built-in Furniture Ltd, we know that having options means you can enjoy your furniture and home exactly the way you like. Two single beds and mattresses fit right in with rooms with two kids or even in the guest room to accommodate friends and family. Some of our bunk beds are even designed for rooms with children of different ages. Choose a twin-over-full bunk bed to please older and younger kids that sleep in the same room.

Children’s Beds

A child’s bed quickly becomes much more than just a place to sleep. Kids tend to form an emotional bond with their bed and favorite sheets and blankets. They feel safe and secure in their room, free to daydream and play anytime they way. It’s not surprising that they love their bed so much; after all, it’s like a faithful friend that’s with them every day for years. From the moment they’re born, babies get used to the decor and style you choose for the room.

Children’s Bedroom Sets

At Bespoke Built-in Furniture Ltd, we know that spending more time with your kids is important to you. Save time when designing your children’s bedrooms with our designers that are coordinated to provide comfort and storage capabilities. When choosing bedroom furniture for your children, start by deciding what bed type is right for their needs. For children who share a room, bunk beds are a terrific way to increase floor space and make small rooms feel larger.

Study & Storage Furniture

Mixing and matching storage wall system components is a unique way to build the unit you need to house all of your child’s most important possessions. These systems are built to be not only beautiful but also durable. You can expect them to remain strong throughout the years as your child grows and matures. Whether you need shelves, drawers, bins, cubbies, cabinets or any combination of these features, you can design a system to match your needs. Clutter is no match for these high-quality storage systems and your child’s winning personality will shine through.
Kids Bedroom Furniture A loft bed is an ideal choice for kids who are getting older and need a study space where they can do their homework. Our furniture sets include dressers that match the finish of bedroom furniture for a cohesive look. Adjustable levelers ensure the furniture stays flat even when using it on an uneven surface. Choose dressers that feature multiple drawers in the same size for easy storage or opt for dressers with a combination of small and large drawers to personalize your storage options. If you choose a loft bed, you can even add extra dressers and drawers underneath to maximize storage for everything from books and toys to sports equipment. Place the bed in front of a window to maximize your children’s sleeping cycles and add the dresser alongside for ease of access when getting ready for school in the morning. Bedroom furniture sets also come with nightstands and accent tables so you can buy all the pieces you need in one purchase. Choose one nightstand for an asymmetrical look that fits well in small spaces or opt for two, matching nightstands that can be used to hold decor and essentials such as clocks and lamps. When choosing bedroom furniture sets, you want to keep in mind the layout of your children’s room. If multiple children share a room, you can place two bunk beds perpendicular to allow for large floor space where they can play together. Add the finishing touch to your furniture set with toy storage that keeps their bedroom and playroom neat and organized. You can even get different designs and colors for each child that shares a room. Add a monogram so your children know which one belongs to them and can access their favorite toys and clothing easily.
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