Our partners’ products, in their various service options (panel format or finished piece) can be applied to all kinds of furniture and decorations.

We place at your disposal a collection of colours, designs and fantasies that set the trend for the next few years. Get inspiration from the wide range of designs and colours we present you and create more elegant and modern solutions.



Probably the most versatile material for commercial interiors as well as furniture industry. Manufactured using Birch wood cross bonded veneer multilayers makes Birch Ply very stable and structurally sound material. Various finishing options available including clear finishing, staining or solid colour finishing. Various sizes and Grades including Grain directions available. When choosing boards pay attention to length of the board. Grain direction is always classified as Length. We also offer In House press laminating or veneering. Formica, Polyrey, Egger, Kronospan, Xylocleaf, and many more laminate suppliers including huge range or Veneers available on request. Contact us for Quotation.



We only supply Medite Premier MDF. Not Moisture Resistant product. This is high grade and high density board. High density means once the board is cut the edges are very smooth and full of particle material. Most cheap MDF is lower density there for edges are very porous which is very difficult to finish. Excellent face properties make it suitable for the thinnest laminates and surface coatings i.e. spray finishing as well as hand painting. MDF Standard comes in huge variety of board sizes to suite every need. We also offer In House press laminating or veneering. Formica, Polyrey, Egger, Kronospan, Xylocleaf, and many more laminate suppliers available on request.


MDF Valchromat (Colored)

This is the only material on the marked which has died wood fibres throughout the whole thickness of the material providing uni colour to whole board. Moisture Resistant, non Toxic, weight resistant, easy to machine. Most other boards have finished Faces and once cut need finishing on the edges. Very dense board there for cut edges are easy to finish. This material requires clear finishing only. Finishing options include oiling, clear Lacquer or bear. 10No colour options available in various sheet sizes.


MF MDF (Melamine Faced MDF)

Melamine Faced MDF also called as MF MDF is a highly versatile product. Huge range of finishes available including Matt, Gloss and High Gloss UV Lacquer coated Boards. Massive choice of colours, patterns and textures including wood-grain appearances. With today’s digital technologies, Melamine Faced MDF products can both look and feel like real solid-wood alternatives.

Melamine Faced MDF is cost effective alternative to the use of solid wood timber, real wood veneered boards, spray finished MDF. cost for the boards and with ABS edging applied is far cheaper as no further finishing processes are required. All boards are ready to be used.


Our beautiful fitted furniture is tailored to you and your home, so you can turn the smallest space into a luxurious, wall-to-wall design. With smart storage options and clever design tricks, we’ll help you make the most of high, or angled ceilings, and create a stunning floor-to-ceiling look that unlocks the smallest room.


MF PLY (Melamine Faced Plywood)

Melamine Faced Plywood is ideal material choice for those with a different design approach. Material is quite versatile and stable. Can accommodate various design requirements where exposed plywood edge it to be seen. This material can be machined to achieve interesting design requirements with surface and exposed plywood core. Most common colour or Melamine is white. Finishes available in smooth as well textured. Other colours and texture patterns available on request. Exposed edges require sealing if moisture resistant feature required.


MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard)

Melamine Faced chipboard is the most common material being used throughout the Furniture as well as Interior Design Industry. Melamine surfaces are extremely easy to maintain and exceptionally hard wearing, providing the flexibility to explore different interior design trends. Due to the recent developments in the quality and realism of décor reproductions melamine finishes are increasingly being specified for use in major commercial projects such as shops and hotels, as well as being the key material in many furniture applications ranging from kitchens and bedrooms to living rooms and bathrooms.


MR MDF (Moisture Resistand Medite)

Medite MR is a moisture resistant MDF panel designed for use in humid conditions ideal for applications such as kitchen and bathroom furniture, window and skirting boards and architectural mouldings. This is the most common material used in construction industry as a substitute for softwoods and hardwoods and as a panel product in non-stressed applications. Medite MR is not suitable for external applications.


Veneered MDF

Real Wood Veneer bonded to MDF substrate allows to achieve consistent wood effect finish to whole board. We stock most commonly used Real Wood Veneered species at various sheet sizes and thicknesses. Crown Cut and Quarter cut Veneers available. Stocked boards are not Moisture resistant. We offer in house Veneer pressing service on various thicknesses and sizes of MDF including Moisture Resistant MDF. If you can not find what you are looking for email us your requirement for quotation. Applications: interior furniture and cabinetry. Commercial fit outs.



Door Blank- this is material which is being widely used by many door manufacturers. We supply Holspan (chipboard core and faces) and Flamebreak (plywood or MDF faced) door blanks, custom size door can be produced by us. Holspan: is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality door components, catering for customers in education, healthcare, hospitality, commercial, residential, retail and government sectors. Door blanks are 3 layer particleboard door cores designed for the fabrication of interior solid core doors. They consist of a core of long grain wood chip to give it its screw holding properties and two deck layers of high density fine wood chips suitable for finishing with veneer, High Pressure laminate, PVC, or paint.

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